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      "Mr. Gholson, when does the command move?""It's the gin," he ruminated, half out loud, "I'll 'ave to knock it off. 'Tain't as though I ain't 'ad warnings enough. I've seen things before and I shall see them again"

      He paused and confronted Allingham, who had risen from his chair and was still trembling.

      He began to vibrate again, his whole frame quivering and shaking. Little blue sparks scintillated around the back part of his head. He lifted one leg up as though to take a step forward; and then his ears flapped wildly, and he remained with one leg in mid-air and a finger to his nose.The chief-of-staff "guessed they were not."

      He trundled forward again and lurched into the middle of the street."Wallabaloo," said the Clockwork man, faintly, "WumWum"

      When I reached the front steps with them Ferry was at the gallery's edge, Miss Harper, Ccile and Harry were on three sides of him, and he was explaining away our astonishing departure. We were going to Hazlehurst, to issue clothing and shoes to those ragged and barefoot fellows we had seen that afternoon, and the light of whose tentless camp was yonder in the sky, now, toward Brookhaven. We were to go that way, confer with their officers, telegraph from town for authorizations to be sent to us at Hazlehurst, and then to push on to that place and be ready to issue the stuff when the trains should come up from Brookhaven bringing the brigade. While he spoke Camille and Estelle joined us. "No," he said, "to start any later, 'twould be too late."

      "Yes," she said, with a quick, understanding look, and wiped her lips as daintily as if it were with wine they were crimsoned.The Clockwork man emitted a soft whistling sound from between his teeth, and rubbed his nose thoughtfully against the post.


      "I do not think it, I know it. He sends me his own assurance of it by his own father, so that his revenge may be fuller by my knowing daily and hourly that he is on my trail."IV


      The doctor gasped slightly and released his hold upon a mustard pot. He came up to the rebound with a new suggestion.


      "Damn the difference; I give you one half-minute, Captain Ferry, to say you surrender! If you weren't wounded I wouldn't give you that. Corporal, go get a log out of that fireplace downstairs."Black, dark, deserted, grimy shuttered windows--a suggestion of creeping mystery about it. Time ago the Corner House was the centre of what might have been a thrilling tragedy. Some of the older neighbours could tell of a cry in the night, of the tramping of feet, of a beautiful woman with the poison still in her hand, of the stern, dark husband who said never a word, though the shadow of the scaffold lay heavily upon him.